Let Alaska Element help you Gear Up and Get Out!

Providing Arctic Clothing Rental in Fairbanks and North Pole Alaska.

* Staying at Pike's Waterfront Lodge? Contact us for your gear discount code. *

Gear for the Conditions

Rent all you will need to keep you warm and toasty as you enjoy the Golden Heart City and surrounding areas. Whether you are Dog Sledding, Aurora Chasing, Running with the Reindeer, Snowmobiling, or visiting the Arctic Circle we have you covered.

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Delivery Options

Choose from the following options:

  • Pick it up from our North Pole Store 
  • Hotel drop-off. We will drop your gear off for you at your hotel. See list of hotels we can provide this service for. If something doesn't fit, we will provide a replacement within 24 hours. 
  • Signature Service. We will meet you at your hotel, or Airbnb. We will bring your selected sizes and have extras for you to try on for proper fit.
*See a more detailed description of these services in our "How it Works" section.

Hassle Free

Take the guess work out of staying warm. Alaska Element provides top quality outerwear, boots and mittens that will keep you warm in extreme cold. 

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Email: Heather@AlaskaElement.com, Text or Call: 907-385-6333